Desire + Destiny Aligned

Transform Your Life and Business From Your Soul



You’ll make the mindset shifts necessary to tap into your unique purpose and become more intentional and intuitive about the business, career and life that you are destined to have. Soul first. Then strategy.



As you release limits, lies and stories about why success isn’t possible for you, you’ll create space for more impact and income. With your divine desires in the driver’s seat, your dreams begin to unfold.



Freedom and fulfillment. Increased certainty and confidence. Living and leading more soulfully and powerfully. Alignment. Attraction. Abundance. It’s all yours.


Everything you want is within. Your soul’s true purpose and path. The clarity and the direction on what to do next. The connection to the clients whose lives you will massively transform. The money. It’s all there. You just need to unleash it.

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You don’t need another guru to tell you that there is a woman inside of you who is waiting to become more. You already know that, but you’ve tried to stuff that version of yourself, the one that feels most true, into this teeny, tiny box (that all the coaches and courses told you would create the success you’re chasing). You’ve silenced her. So you feel scattered and unclear. You’re busy, but still unhappy and unfulfilled. That’s because your soul’s speaking. But are you listening?

Hey there,

I’m Jennifer Takagi.

I help women discover the power of their purpose by tapping into their truths, honing their intuition and trusting themselves so they can have the clarity and confidence to create the next level of success they desire. I know that when a woman allows her soul to lead, she’ll stop struggling and find the fun, fulfillment and financial growth she craves.



My gift to you!

Your choice of an akashic reading or emotion code clearing

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