donnaryndaDonna Rynda:  Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and owner of Make It Matter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jennifer’s presentation style is energetic, entertaining, and enlightening!  Her audiences will surely benefit from her expertise as a presenter as well as from her passion for sharing her knowledge with others.

Debra McKay Trotter, Environmental Engineer,Oklahoma City, OK
I thought that I wouldn’t learn that much more since I’ve done 4 or 5 “personality” profiles in the past but this one was very direct and had good and useful information.  Much more action directed than the other ones I’ve done.

karinmcdanielKarin McDaniel, Caterer, Mom and Friend Extraordinaire, Edmond, OK
This seminar, Thriving, not just Surviving, in the Midst of Change, with the Change Style Indicator Assessment, really opened my eyes to my characteristics as well as my co-workers’ and to understand why they behave the way they do.  Any organization would benefit from this information.

Rosalee Morris, Attorney, Oklahoma City
Thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable experience.  I would recommend to anyone wanting to understand their “style” and learn how to better communicate with everyone.