It’s Christmas Time!

I love Christmas!  I was born in December, so the excitement of my birthday started well before Thanksgiving for me.  I loved that my mom and I would go shopping for presents.  She was so concerned that I would be deprived because I had to share my birthday month with the Baby Jesus, that she usually went overboard!  We’d shop and she’d say, “This is for birthday and this is for Christmas.”  I think I really had twice as many presents for both because she didn’t want me to grow up hating when my birthday fell.  I’ve always loved having a December birthday.  Being on the 3rd, it was far enough from Christmas, along with my mom being so aware of the timing, that I’ve never felt cheated.  I do know people with birthdays much closer to Christmas or just after, that have felt left out, and I have to say rightfully so.

Santa Claus is another magical, amazing piece of the Christmas Tradition.  When we consider him as the leader that he is, it is amazing.  My mind swirls when thinking of all he has to do to be able to deliver those toys to all the good girls and boys, in just one night!  I’d love to talk to you about how you can build up your workshop so that you deliver the goods as requested.  Let’s talk!

It’s Christmas Time!

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