Laura Miller-Pittman, Changemaker, shares her secrets!

Laura Miller-Pittman, also known as the “Changemaker”, is a credit risk advisor and organizational change leader.  Her mission is to provide the FHA commercial portfolio and Housing and Urban Development with a deeper understanding of credit measures that fulfill their ability to manage work and mitigate issues that could compromise their ability to provide credit at an affordable price.  She is known for her program knowledge and professional engagement to inspire, educate, and solve issues of risk for FHA stakeholders. 


Since 1993, Laura has lead a nationwide start-up corporation with outstanding financial results, a local housing authority to operate as a profitable and sustainable business, succession of a Master of Business Administration focusing on the legal and economic implications of business amidst globalization, and worked on the leadership team to implement a program reorganization within the Federal Government.  She has a talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges and then developing and leading resulting action plans.  She has an acute acumen for creating effective relationships with mortgage finance stakeholders and creation of training for staff.



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