I am Jennifer Takagi, an Executive Leadership + Communication Coach who teaches leaders how to play well at work so they can drive better performance from people they lead, increase profitability and create a purposeful workplace where people want to come and play—productively.

For 30 years, I’ve traveled to conference rooms across the country training and teaching.  I’ve covered a lot of miles, but more importantly, I’ve talked to a lot of people.  Frustrated people.  And while their organizational cultures and landscapes differed, the challenges they all faced were strikingly similar.  Managers felt stagnant and ineffective.  Employees felt disconnected, devalued and overworked.   There was no sharing.  There was no working together to achieve measurable results.  Performance and productivity suffered.  On the surface, there was a breakdown in skills.

But really? There was a breakdown between people.

That's where I come in.

Having trained over 7,000 new leaders,

My work ties the intrinsic motivators and emotional-social intelligence–the inner stuff–to behavior, employee engagement and performance. Through in-depth assessments and coaching, I help management professionals to understand how their personality types and personal strengths play a role in their leadership style, and how to translate that data into a toolkit that brings the best out of themselves and their employees.

I'll teach you how to


playing well together is so much better.

Jennifer Takagi teaches leaders how develop their skills so they can build great teams. Inspired by a lifelong passion for training, and a deep commitment to sharing joy, Takagi Consulting is the culmination of thirty years of experience helping leaders all over the country maximize both satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Very early in her career, Takagi was promoted to a supervisory role in a brand new mortgage servicing company. Fortunately, the company’s president was committed to training the management staff. All attended extensive workshops at the local community college, where Takagi learned valuable tools that she still shares in her sessions.

She enjoyed training others and found that she excelled at it… her true calling. Later in her career, as Supervisory Project Manager at the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development in Oklahoma City, she regularly brought her colleagues up on new policies and computer systems.

Ultimately she lost many of these friends and coworkers in the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. The weight of this tragedy and watching how leaders stepped up or didn’t, deepened her commitment to improving the lives of others.

The course of her life took another turn in 2012, when she was offered a special assignment, teaching a new approach to doing business to hundreds of employees and managers all over the country. Coaching leaders and managers on much neglected interpersonal skills, she confirmed her true calling.

Jennifer began to envision creating a business where she could share her experiences as a leader when her division underwent a massive nationwide reorganization. She decided to retire early and make her dream a reality.

Takagi Consulting specializes in leadership development and communication training. Jennifer refers to herself as the Chief Encouraging Officer (CEO). Her mission? To give leaders hope that even if they fell short yesterday, they have a wonderful opportunity to become a remarkable leader tomorrow. 

Through in-depth assessments and coaching, Jennifer teaches management professionals effective tools that bring out the best in themselves and their employees. 

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