Santa is Coming to Town! Pay Attention!


Santa is a miracle worker!? As a child, I was always wide eyed on Christmas morning.? (To be honest, I still am!)? I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out how it was done.? I just knew it was done.? Stockings were filled with goodies.? I especially loved canned pears and typically found a jumbo can next to my stocking since it wouldn?t fit inside.? Presents were under the tree and spilled out into the living room for the entire family! ?I was so excited that I never stopped to wonder how Santa made it happen.

As an adult, I have to wonder, how did Santa do it?? I know there is a workshop at the North Pole.? There are many elves.? I’m not sure how many elves, but based on movies like “The Santa Clause”, there have to be a lot, maybe a couple of hundred.? Also, based on the amount of work done, there has to be quite a workforce.? Not to mention the reindeer.

Santa must be the CEO of the North Pole!? He is probably the Plant Manager of the Workshop.? Surely he has to delegate some of the management responsibilities because he can?t possibly do it all.? Elves probably handle packaging and delivery.? Someone has to care for the reindeers.? I?ll bet he starts planning for next Christmas on December 26th!

What can we possibly learn from Santa?? We all know he is extremely successful.? Year after year, Christmas morning arrives with stockings full of goodies and presents under the tree.? If Santa weren’t successful, the stockings would be flat, the tree would be bare, the milk would have gone sour and the cookies would be hard.

I want to emulate Santa and be the best leader/manager/employee I can be!? Santa has some secrets to his leadership style that makes him so successful that he was willing to share a few:

  1. Build a Wonderful Workshop.
  2. Choose Your Reindeer Wisely
  3. Make a List and Check it Twice.
  4. Listen to the Elves.

There are several more in the book The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus available from, Resources for Personal and Professional Success.? Let me just say that we all need to take lessons from Jolly Ole Saint Nick on being an effective leader all year long to produce the results we need!

As you near the end the year, take some time to plan so you can be as successful as Santa Claus with employees as happy as the elves!

Contact me if you would like me to facilitate a workshop for you and your elves!



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