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ways you can learn

Are you…

  • Struggling to attain the success you desire?
  • Losing confidence in your decision making abilities?
  • Wondering if you are destined to make the same mistakes, over and over again?
  • Questioning your purpose/mission?
You have the opportunity to work with a Certified Soul Care Coach, Jennifer Takagi, to tap into your soul’s journey, unveil your next best steps, and uncover what’s blocking you from the success you are destined to attain.

Discovery Call

Are you ready to tiptoe into your intuition and tap into your soul’s message? Let’s talk!

1:1 Session

In this 1:1 session you can ask specific questions about your journey and what’s holding you back.  Many pathways and many tools will be utilized to provide you with the most amazing experience.

Clarity, Alignment and Clearing Series

All energy work done while in your Akashic Records is heightened/ elevated. During this three part series of 1:1 sessions you will receive greater insight into your soul’s journey and will take the steps to clearing past programming that is holding you back.



Hey there,

I’m Jennifer Takagi.

I help women discover the power of their purpose by tapping into their truths, honing their intuition and trusting themselves so they can have the clarity and confidence to create the next level of success they desire. I know that when a woman allows her soul to lead, she’ll stop struggling and find the fun, fulfillment and financial growth she craves.



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