Change Style


How do you handle change?

If you regularly compile a report for your boss and they often ask you to change the format, that change could unravel you or inspire you. With the Change Style Indicator assessment, you’ll begin to understand why your boss is requesting so many frequent edits and you’ll understand why you’re reacting the way you are.

csi-logo-colorChange Style Indicator is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides insights on personal preferences for managing change and delivers context for how an individual might be perceived. This understanding inspires a group’s creativity and innovation and improves teamwork.

Your style does not typically change over time. It’s one of the few assessments out there that isn’t altered by major life events. If you understand your natural tendency to change, then you can see how it fits in with someone else and their response to change. You will also understand how to operate within the other styles because we all have to function in all three styles depending on the situation.

The Change Style Indicator is a 20 question assessment that’s completed prior to a 2-3 hour workshop with a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst facilitator. The workshop can be expanded into the whole day to work through team building opportunities with up to 30 of you team members.

Individual sessions can be scheduled to enhance your professional development outside of the office structure.

If you’re interested in holding a Change Style Indicator Workshop, including assessments, for yourself or your team, visit our Contact page for more information or to schedule your assessment.

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