Take Responsibility For Your Success!

We all know that person, or those people, who complain that life isn’t fair.  They claim to work really hard but opportunities never come through for them.  They are passed over for promotions.  Possibly, the first in line to be laid off or let go.  Stuck at a dead-end job.

Maybe that used to be me, but not anymore!  Is it you?

“The enemy thanks you for NOT giving 100% today!”  Quote from The Profitable Consultant:  Starting, Growing, and Selling Your Expertise by Jay Niblick and Marshall Goldsmith.

Today is the day to take responsibility for your career.  Someone else is giving 100% and they WILL benefit when we loaf off!  Be the best that you can be at the job you were hired to do!

Mary Barra CEO of GM said in an interview that she never envisioned being the CEO of GM.  She never considered her next promotion.  She stayed focused on doing the job at hand to the best of her ability.  By excelling in her current position, she prepared herself for the next promotion!  At times, it didn’t look like this position had anything to do with the next one, but it really did.

Years ago, my father told me that you might have a person in a clerical position that didn’t perform very well, but would perform extremely well in a more technical job.  That was rare.  If you could not be a good clerk, you typically did not succeed in a technical position.  In my 30 years of working in the housing industry, I can’t think of one person that was the exception.

Sometimes, our focus is on the wrong thing.  Instead of focusing on the job at hand, learning all there is to know about it, and becoming an expert, we look too far ahead and aren’t truly prepared to reach that next goal.  We can easily blame someone else for our failures when really, the enemy took advantage since we did not give 100% today!

Leave a comment and let me know what you are going to do today to be successful and not let the enemy win!

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