Transcend 2016 Telesummit!


What a wonderful 4 evenings we had! ?I’m so grateful to the 9 fabulous women who raised their hand and said, “Yes To The Best Year Yet!” ?The Transcend 2016 Telesummit was such a success that we are working towards converting the broadcasts into a book! ?I can hardly believe it myself! ?A vision realized is a very fulfilling and exciting occurrence. ?Now, the vision is surpassing anything I could have imagined! ?Below are mini-bios and contact information for the speakers. ?Please reach out to them and share your appreciation for the inspiring and motivating messages that they shared with us all! ?I’m so looking forward to 2016 and all that the wonderful experiences that are coming my way!

sammy-davis-headshotSammy D! ?Loving Your Life! ?How Far Do We Go?!?

Sammy Davis is a serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Her book,?LOVE YOUR LIFE!, is an Amazon best seller and her platform for positive thinking has inspired audiences at conferences around the country as a keynote and featured speaker.

Believing that she could create an abundant and awesome life without sitting in a cubicle 40-plus hours a week, in 2009 Sammy left her corporate job at Esquire magazine without a “back up plan” and only a few thousand dollars in the bank (all while living in NYC). Since then, she’s successfully launched three businesses (Sammy Davis Vintage retail, Sammy Davis Vintage online media and SammyD TV).

Her experiences on the road less traveled weren’t always easy, but they were always worth it. Today, she’s a district manager and consultant with?Arbonne International, a toxin free and botanically based skincare, cosmetics and vegan wellness company. Her goal is to become a female millionaire through the network marketing industry so that she stand for and activate the financial freedom of women everywhere.

Find her on Facebook as?Sammy Davis.?


PreciousPrecious Brown! ?No Looking Back! ?The Past is Over So Now What?

Her heart?s desire to help women of all ages continues to fuel her passion to change lives positively by inspiring women to unleash the power with-in and walk in their purpose.

Be intrigued by her testimony of trials, tribulations and setbacks that include her accounts of God covering her with His undying grace, mercy and favor even while she was in the fiery furnace. She expounds on how God continues to heal, re-store, renew and bless her. You will be inspired and progressively transformed.

Hello! Who are you?

Being Superwoman for everyone in your life becomes taxing over time. It is easy to lose yourself in the process. Before you know it you will look in the mirror and have to ask yourself ?Who are you?? In that moment you realize the only thing that can help you is taking a deep look within.

Your destiny awaits!

Does your past hold you hostage? Do you feel powerless at times? Releasing your past allows you to slay the unknowing victim within and release the Power-N-You. The world needs what you have. It is never too late to walk in your predestined purpose.

For information and booking call 810.293.3596 or email inquiries to


professional photo? Joyce Kyles! ?Walking Into A New Life!

Speaker, Trainer, Advocate, Survivor.? I am a nationally credentialed and personally committed to bringing a
comprehensive and engaging perspective to issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, self-sufficiency, technology, love after abuse, and holistic empowerment.

Topics of Discussion:? Education; Micro-Enterprise Development; Health & Wellness; I Left.? Now What?? Love After Abuse.? Safely Planning; Surviving Trauma; Sexting, Social Media & Technology; Teen Dating Violence; and any customized topic.

Credentials:? Executive Director, Walking Into A New Life, Inc., Men Against Domestic Violence.? 15 plus years personal/professional experience in social services and issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault.? Certified Assessor of Danger Assment Instrument.? Member of TN Coalition of Domestic & Sexual Violence.? Member of VOICES Speaker-s Bureau of Memphis/Shelby Co.; Member of Wealthy Sisters Network; Weekly Special Guest-Yaloo Sports Radio; Organizational Partner with the Family Safety Center.

Contact Info.:? ? 901-446-6181???? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? @joycekyles

100_0038 (2)??Andrea Merriman! ?From Harm to Harmony

Andrea is a speaker, Trainer, empowerment strategist and creative harmony motivator.? She has poured over 20 years into human resource management, customer focused initiatives and finding holistic approaches to the healing process of the whole person.? Andrea has shared with business women, social and private groups – profit and non – profit groups.? She is a valued and sought after speakers / trainer within but not limited to the circles of the Stanley women’s associated network and North Carolina colleges.

Andrea’s savvy motivation and life in pairing skill set has been invaluable in helping her to overcome the hurdles of career, certain life altering obstacles, and yes, even horrific tragedy in her life and the loss of her family.? Through her signature talks ?Clothed in Strength?, and ?Harm to Harmony?, Andrea has helped many women get revived, organized, energized and or reenergized while embracing the voice of reality to obtain their personal harmony.

Contact:? 980-622-8716?? ? ? ? ? FB andrea.merriman.75? ????????? LinkedIn @ameri7

Erika Hebert? Erika Hebert! ?Power in Prevention!

Health and Wellness Coach, Erika Hebert, has spent the past four years identifying ways to live a healthier balanced life.? She is the CEO of Health Coach Enterprises.? Erika focuses on the career woman who needs simple ?on the go? ways to be healthy.

She knows firsthand how difficult it can be to live a healthy lifestyle while working a full time job, helping others and taking care of herself as a last resort.? Erika is committed to helping the busy career woman to rise within to accomplish the lifestyle goals she wants to attain.? She creates an environment that allows individuals to prosper and grow.? Erika empowers women to reach their potential by building a strong community from the group she leads.

Contact Info:? ?? Phone ? 337-857-3267??????????????


devay Campbell large photo? Devay Campbell! ?5 Steps to Propel Your Career NOW!

Devay Campbell is a Career and professional development coach and two-time best-selling author of The BEST Job Interview Advice Book?and co-author of?Her Chronicles: Fear, Faith and Fortitude, and certified Human Resources Professional.

Devay is the CEO?and founder of Career 2 Cents a career coaching and advice company. Devay leverages her professional and personal experience to empower individuals and groups in the areas of interviewing, leadership, workplace success, conflict resolution, negotiating and more. Her straight-forward and empowering style has attracted advice seekers from throughout the world including the US, India, Dubai and Africa.

You can find Devay giving her career 2 cents at? in publications such as Career Contessa, Women Prospects and Social-Hire. She has been featured on The Voices of Class Act on The Flow radio station in Washington DC and The Voice of the Jobseekers in Chicago.

12573067_1123796904299217_2267450158111376745_n? Allison Denise Arnett! ?Penny Power: ?Budget Yourself to Financial Freedom!

This notoriously quiet accountant is spunky and creative. Self-proclaimed as The Creative Accountant with over 17 years in the accounting industry, Allison Denise has also spent six years in graphic design and loves to use visual tools to teach smart money strategies to women entrepreneurs. Get ready for practical, no fluff knowledge, and actionable steps. She is passionate about helping others become their best selves in their bank accounts and in life.

As the creator of the community Purposeful, Paid, and Pretty, Allison Denise takes her life lessons from divorce, raising three beautiful babies, and over 30 years of living as the first of six siblings to share what it means to love and accept yourself.

Contact:??????????????????????? ??????????????? Allison@imallisondenise

Nikki Smith? Nikki Smith! ?Seasons Change and So Do We!

Nikki Smith.? A phenomenal woman.? Married mother of three residing in Nashville, TN.? Bachelors in Individualized Studies, Virginai State University.? Masters of the Humanities, Tiffin University.

Author:? Seasons Change and So Do We

CEO and Founder of Exhale to Excel Global Outreach and Empowerment Org, LLC.? Coaching and Consulting Goup.? Founder of A Change for Sehna, Community Advocacy Group, Sehna, AL.? Board of Directors MHC After Hours Computer Lab.

For Booking Info, contact info: 205-533-0121


Linda Edwards? Linda Edwards! ?Show Me Your Glory!

Linda Dyan Edwards is a transformational speaker, author and visionary. ?I help women realize their worth, recognize their value, and walk in their destiny.? Speaker topics:? Show Me Your Glory!? 5 Powerful Keys to seeing God?s glory revealed in everyday life.? Characteristics of a Queen:? a teaching on the 5 Key life principles found in Philippians 2 ? Steps every Queen must embody to live successfully!

Contact her at 678-332-8460?????????? or

Queen by Design. Servant By Desire.? Speaker, Author, and Visionary, Linda Edwards has a gift for helping women realize their God given inheritance. Her belief that all women are to live as queens helps her to inspire others to live free, confident, and to thrive as royalty.

Jennifer 2? Jennifer Takagi! ?Connect! ?Commit! ?Convey!

Entertaining Speaker, Coach, Best Selling Author and Trainer, Jennifer Takagi shares her experiences to inspire and motivate you and your team into taking action!? Her goal is to help everyone ?Play Well With Others?!? By focusing on the participants, engaging them, and exploring solutions to their struggles, time spent with her is worthwhile and refreshing!? Jennifer loves to facilitate workshops or act as an entertaining speaker for your next event or meeting.? She can customize a session for you!

Contact info:? 405-414-0901????????????????

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