Why your co-workers suck!

Or do they?  If you are struggling with co-workers, maybe it is simply you don’t appreciate the value they bring to the team.  After a workshop that had a personality profile assessment, I quit being so frustrated with a colleague. The reason was, I began to understand that we processed information quite differently.  When I saw him coming, I would take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  He did have value.  He just had a different perspective than I did.  We had different responsibilities, but our paths had to cross.

The next time you want to wring the new of a co-worker, ask yourself a few key questions and then talk yourself off that ledge!

  • Are they looking at the big picture and I’m looking at the minutia? Or vice versa?
  • Am I too focused on perfection?
  • Sometimes, is good enough really good enough?
  • If they share more detail than I like, could I benefit from that additional information?
  • Can we sit down and hash out a more effective way to communicate since sharing information is critical?

We need to treat each other with more respect.  That process starts with you and me, not them.  Make a commitment to take a moment to see their side of the conversation and show them the respect they deserve!

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